Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

About Rafta Kayaks

Sea Leopard sea kayaks the "Benz" of Aussie sea kayaks

Rafta Kayaks     (not Rafter), came about from an innovative safety idea for seakayaks which is pesently being developed as time permits. Located near Geelong, Victoria, Rafta Kayaks is close handy to the larger Victorian population,                 Bob Mitchell personally manufactures all Rafta custom built kayaks, and takes meticulous care in presenting quality Kayaks to a very high finish and standard, working hard to maintain light weight, exceptionally strong kayaks.

Bob, a Tasmanian,(who said two heads aren’t better than one), was previously senior leading hand at Penguin Fibreglass in Tasmania, specialising in the manufacture and improvement of their kayaks and instrumental in the redesign of the Greenlander Pro.

                 Rafta Kayaks is now manufacturing the modernised New Generation Sea Leopard comercially for the first time in its history, the Dean 16, manufactures the Geenlander Pro and Les Rich KT-1 under licence for Penguin Composites, and manufactures the new Arctic Storm. Rafta also has other kayak molds and is working on design of a new exciting Seakayak for the future.
Rafta Kayaks also supplies surf ski’s, a range of paddles, sit on tops and fishing kayaks stand up paddle boards and many kayaking related accessorories
Rafta Kayaks, New Generation of Sea Leopard Sea Kayaks
The new mobile display unit lol. (Appreciation to Signific signs “Go to the Ant” Geelong)

2 responses

  1. Hi Bob,
    You might be interested in putting a link from my recent YouTube video clip featuring Grant Hyland in a Sea Leopard kayak. It shows the seamanship of Grant and the kayak.


    Jeff Jennings

    February 27, 2012 at 10:41 am

  2. Clem Fryer

    The most inspiring Kayaking footage I’ve seen and brilliant camera work capturing some of Australia’s awesome scenery. The seal shots remarkable. The trips profile some very nice canoes. Thanks Jeff and co

    September 21, 2012 at 11:50 pm

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