Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

Dean 16 Recreational Kayak

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  Our Price:  
$1350.00   (includes bulkhead and single hatch behind seat)
Custom built by Rafta Kayaks, Geelong
Designed by Adrian Dean of Margate Tasmania, is a delightful kayak to paddle, with very good handling, tracking and stability.
          Although these kayaks may be more suited to the calmer waters of rivers, estuaries, bays and close to shore sea areas, they are by no means restricted to this having been paddled around Maria Island* in Tasmania and most of the way across Bass straight to the mainland and back.

           I myself have paddled many km in a Dean16 along the areas of the North West coast of Tasmania as well as through Maquarie Heads and parts of the inner Harbor, and relaxed paddling in various west coast and northern Tasmanian rivers. I have been known to stand up in the cockpit and wave to friends on the shore and to sail and fish in a Dean 16

          The Dean has a flat 2″ keel strip extending towards to the stern which as its paddled, causes the stern of the kayak to rise or lift resulting in a lesser in water area which therefore increases its speed, making it such a delight to paddle. 

It has a nice flow on if you stop paddling anf tracks very well.


Length: 16’, (4.88mt)

Width:   28″ (680mm) 

Weight: standard about 22kg  (Optional light layup around 16.5 with different lay-up but more expensive) 
Optional Upgrades:
  • Deck storage areas
  • low back protector
  • bicsport standard back support
  • deck grab lines
  • electric pump
  • Sailing set up with rudder
  • second hatch in bulkhead
  • front bulkhead with external rubber hatch
*Note: deck storage areas not included as standard, 
 *Maria Island was circumnavigated by a group of four Tasmanian paddlers in North Sea Tourers and a Dean 16 in November 1979, a fact published on Laurie Ford’s web site and freely available. http://www.laurieford.net/treseder.htm,,

Some good reading here too, Prime Seal Island Trip
January 1999. http://www.laurieford.net/pseal99.htm,

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