Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

DSK racing double seakayak


Double Shock KayakDSK 2 28 Junedsk deck

A fast double for lighter paddlers or experienced paddlers. Very well appionted , one of the latest designs by professional designer Les Richards. This is not a barge double and is not designed for large loads but it is still suitable for extended trips with three storage areas. This kayak was designed as a racing sea kayak, especially for the Geo Quest challenges and No Limits Eco challenge, this is one seriously fast kayak.                   Length: 6.55 metresBeam:595mmWeight:approx. 30 kg

Spray rail, soft double chines, built-in skeg, aluminium rudder, keyhole cockpits, slung fibreglass seats, Buoyancy, elongated front & rear hatches, two colored deck, white hull, white combings, black or white pinstripe.

Options can include:

500gph electric bilge pump,                      Perception foam seats

Twin Sails, Masts, Sail bags,          Under deck cockpit hatchs

Day hatch with storage bag (behind forward paddler)

Spray deck,                         Deck loops

dsk nov



2 responses

  1. louis

    Do you still make these ? and any pictures available

    March 22, 2017 at 9:45 am

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