Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

BicSport Folding & Inflatable kayaks

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     Fishing & recreational Kayaks now avaliable through Rafta Kayaks
Creative designs, functional equipment, durable construction, Innovative products, Gliding
The inflatable of the future,

YakkAir One 10’9″: Two 13’2″


Yakkair 2 seater (4.1m/15kg)



Folded down into a carry bag, the YAKKAir HP is easy to carry on foot or in the boot of your car, and is fully inflated for use in minutes using a high pressure pump with a pressure gauge.


Features include: 


  • Anatomic backrest ensures maximum comfort
  • Adjustable footrest provides enhanced paddle stroke.
  • Safety grab lines 
  • Abrasion protector 
  • Bow protector, carry handles 
  • Paddle attachment 
  • Includes rugged backpack/carrying case with adjustable shoulder straps, mesh pockets and tightening straps.
  • Approx. dimensions 30x17x12 inches.
  • Includes seat, foot brace and maintenance kit, instructions 
  • Included pump with manometer features a Y-shape nozzle to inflate the two main 3.5 psi chambers simultaneously, thus avoiding any pressure difference.
  • Bungee mesh system fore and aft
  • Length: 10’9″, width 35.4″, 
  •  Max load – 242 lbs
  • Color: Orange/green


The Yakka camo
can be folded down to fit into your boot

Yakka camo Explorer

It can fit in the boot, but gives you all the performance features of a rigid kayak. To use you simply unfold it, lock in the centre bar and inflate the top section and backrest, it is that easy.
This kayak is ideal for the traveller or fisherman who doesn’t have roof racks. It can also be fitted with a fishermans back rest to hold rods and landing nets. 
Fishing from a kayak is a sport that has developed rapidly in the last few years. A kayak allows you to get off the beach easily without needing a big, heavy boat. In a kayak you can go fishing where and when you want, solo or with friends. Camouflaged colouring of green and beige helps the kayak disappear into its background. The rear storage deck with integral elastic straps allows you to carry bags or cases with extra equipment. Stable and fast, the Yakka 120 Explorer gets you quickly to the best fishing spots, and into very shallow or rocky water without risk. You’ll be right out there in nature!
The Yakka Explorer was designed for people with limited space for storing their kayak. This semi-rigid design can be folded in half and takes up much less space. On the water it has superb stability for fishing expeditions in total safety. Its rigid hull gives excellent glide.

Standard equipment:

  •  Integrated footrests
  • Seat EVA foam cushioning
  • Stern protector + wheel
  • Inserts for backrests
  • Bow protector
  • Rubber carry handles
  • Mooring handles
  • Accessory stowing mesh
  • Self-draining scupper

Kayak weight 27 lbs (Total weight with bag, seat, pump and foot braces, 37 lbs)    

Note: Paddles are sold separately.



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