Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

Kayak construction

Sea Leopard 2 part hull construction 1st 4 layers in

  • Rafta built Kayaks are built to withstand expedition conditions, the best in sea kayak construction

Rafta kayaks are custom constructed of the finest quality corrosion resistant materials. We manufacture and research to find resins, gelcoats and fiberglass fabrics to produce kayaks of great strength and longevity. 

    • Fibreglass tripple layer seams on the inside are leak proof and very strong 
    •  Quality gelcoat protects against sun and abrasion
    • Maintenance free materials
    • Designed and built to last a lifetime
    • Functional and durable deck rigging
    • 1/4″  stainless “D”embedded into the nose for secure locking
    • Custom laminates: standard to extra-heavy duty
    • Wide choice of options and colors


  • Secondary coating on inside to provide a smooth non-irritating abrasion free interior so that water wont penetrate through or dissapear into the layers

Strategically placed fiberglass and foam core reinforcements also add impact, folding, and abrasion resistance in critical areas of your kayak.