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KT-1 Sprint/touring/marathon/racing Kayak

KT! takes GOLD  in  the  World  Masters,  with Margaret Buck, see article in testimonials, also a bronze

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 Dimentions :

 L.O.A: 5.16 meters ( double = 6.4 meters),

Beam:  0.62 meters,

Dry Weight: approx 13.5 Kg ( double = 23 Kg )in standard GRP

Displacement: (max) 220 Kg
Price $1910.00
The KT-1 and KT-2 are designed by Les Richards who produced the RADENT racing kayaks used at the L.A. Olympics.
 The KT-1 kayak has been designed as a K-1 length kayak, to be faster and more stable than the TK-1, and is only marginally slower than the K-1 (3% at a 500m trial at lake Barrington in Tasmania where international rowing races are held.)
It is primarily aimed at providing a stable craft for persons not willing, or not capable of safely balancing a racing K-1.
 Consequently the KT-1 and KT-2 have some very good characteristics which give these craft wide appeal. We have found their stability has allowed them to be used for training off a beach, lake or in much stronger wind conditions. 
The KT-1 and KT-2 are ideal for beginners, heavier or older paddlers, and paddlers just training on technique without having to worry about balance.
The kayaks also lend themselves to multi sport races and long distance endurance events and marathon races such as the Hawkesbury canoe classic and Murray river marathon. Both craft are available with a day hatch and extra bulkhead for touring.

The KT-1 is a custom hand laid up kayak, and recent kayaks have achieved a weight of under 13.5 kg with bulkead and hatch installed. 
 The KT-1 has 30 % more surface area than most K-1’s so it is difficult to reduce the weight further. 
The KT-1 comes standard with tiller bar steering but can be ordered with adjustable pedal style foot plate.
Read our testimonials below and under Testimonials menu

One response

  1. Write up comparrison from one owner
    Its faster than a Tk1 (if you can
    paddle fast that is) Im selling cause Ive moved up to a racing K1,
    just for the challenge. The Kt1 and racing K1 can be paddled at same
    speed but the K1 will go quicker when I get better. At present I do
    12km/h up current in both boats over 1km. The Kt1 will be more easier
    to handle when you get tired and maintain good speed. Its quite
    stable, more stable than a Time Bandit and about the same as a Time
    Traveller. Speed is same as the Traveller. Compared to the Time
    over 7ks, 1minutes slower or about 200/300 metres(thats up current).
    Not much really but heaps more stability to put full power down all
    the time. Thats what Ive found for my ability and fitness. Its comfy
    for cruising too and has a sealed bulkhead for floatation and a
    storage area in the rear. It weighs about 13kg.

    November 4, 2010 at 7:23 pm

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