Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

Nadgee Accessories

We now have avaliable  thigh braces to suit some Nadgee cockpits

On the way a super top entry underdeck glove box. NOW HERE, SEE BELOW

After market  NADGEE  Thigh Braces,
For the slightly more adventurous paddlers, hold you tighter in the cockpit when rolling and bracing, easy to fit.
Price $98.oo plus PP&H Au.
Or can be fitted in our workshop at workshop rates.

Rafta’s-Nadgee through deck glove box

now is here, get access to your bits and pieces in an under deck glove box, through a deck mounted hatch in front of you. $200.00 plus PP&H Au., (fitted $280.00)

See pictures.

Can be fitted in our workshop, or if you have a bit of nouse, (nope you can’t buy it in the shops) and the right gear, you can look at having a go at fitting it yourself, contact us for fitting instructions.

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