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Whats A Happening at Rafta
Inovative Kayay safety idea under way

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Ok well we have had a play and yes it works, you will see our cute lil outrigger for testing purposes, have some modifications to make but it is a go so now to get a couple of kayaks set up with it in and do some real fun testing,
Give us a call or send an email for more info.Hope you enjoy the pics, outrigger is in the rear slot, other slot is forward of paddler.
            We are looking to safety, a unique idea for sea kayakers
              Its taken quite a while but we are finally putting together the original idea of “Rafta Kayaks,” of joining two kayaks together if in trouble on the high seas.
              Should I say joining two together easily, to make a secure stable platform, well it is on the way, it has taken a lot of think power to work out how not to stress the Kayak and the join points but I think finally…..
               Yes you will still be able to paddle and sail, but the idea is for if one paddler gets sea sick or has a debilitating injury and is in a position where they are unable to balance or continue, it can put you or the group you are with in a very awkward position if you are half way across Bass Straight.
             The idea is a quick easy method by which two Sea Leopards can be hooked together and create a stable platform and one can still paddle and both sail , ok there’s a hint below,
Now we just have to build the second Leopard or other kayak with the same capability to do some exciting tests and stress tests, so keep posted, link to here to see follow ups and more pics as we progress.
             The hope is that if this idea works, and works well that other manufacturers might see its advantage and buy the rights to incorporate it into their designs hence many different brands of kayak being able to use this new brilliant safety technique of creating a secure stable platform.
             Of course this then goes on to an application of very easilly attaching either one or two outriggers when in need on long/over night or extended at sea paddling expeditions to enable the paddler to sleep and take times of comfort in otherwise extreme conditions.
Also working ever so slowly on a double Sea Leopard, which promsses to be a unique ocean going kayak, but yes may take some time to get organised

The Sea Leopard dpouble plug coming together


Double frames, starting to take shape

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