Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks

The Legendry Sea Leopard


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A New Generation of Sea Leopard

 Now established as a brilliant sea kayak in the kayaking world around Australia, the “Benz” of sea kayaks”
The most stable energy efficient expedition sea kayaks on the market           
 Are you looking for the best, contact us for a test paddle, you will be amazed at its stability and ease of paddling, ask us for a quote.
What people are saying, find out why people are raving over it,
Brilliant product, top quality finish and manufacture, J. D. Qld”
Your Sea Leopard has been the best-kept secret in seakayaking. I can’t believe the stability for such a long narrow kayak. The new layout does have some features that I like, for instance, I like the cockpit. It is a comfortable fit for me. I also like the big glovebox.”
Read other Testimonials (see menus)
             Buy Australian, direct from the Factory, Sea Leopard sea kayaks, come and see yours being made or we can send you under construction Photos to show your friends.
 The Sea Leopard HAS CHANGED its spots,
Take a look at  Photo Albums for more pictures
              Exciting new changes have been made to the already Legendry Sea Leopard Sea Kayak to make it now the most formidable seakayak on the Australian market, whether you are wanting to kayak Sydney Harbor, kayak Australia, kayak Tasmania, surf, (originally designed as a surf ski), race or just relax and enjoy the tranquility of paddling, this is now the kayak for you.
             Its different exciting lines make it a noticeable kayak on any waters, its fast,( fast means energy efficient, can save up to 1/3 of the energy used in other kayaks, for the same result, don’t believe me, paddle one.) very stable and very impressive and competitive in the water and price.
 The new Look Sea Leopard has    
  • a larger cockpit (now normal people can fit in),
  • added height in the cockpit for more knee room(now you can bend them),

             and its evolving all the time, new little niceties being added all the time to make it the absolute in sea kayaks for relaxing, touring and the best Aussie made expedition kayak in Au                     

 Strong, very, with up to 7 composite layers in its construction, this is one of the best built kayaks about, built to last, built to take Aussie conditions,                       

See pics of Bob bouncing in the cockpit with the kayak supported only on the ends,    dont try it with some other brands     

Unlike many sea kayaks,         

The “STANDARD” New look Sea Leopard comes with:     
  • sealed waterproof day hatch,
  • 360 g/h electric bilge pump and heavy duty 3.2 ah battery
  • 6 ml deck grab rope,
  • foredeck shock cord storage/map area,
  • a brilliant comfortable hull fitted fibreglass seat,
  • low fitted strong plastic rudder and
  • easily adjustable steering/foot assembly,
  • secure stainless steel “D” nose loop,
  • sealed fore and aft high volume storage compartments with strong rubber backed marine vinyl covers( that dont leak),
  • rubber sealed to hull bulkheads (to allow flex if going over hard objects, saves cracks in hull),
  • two colour deck,
  • pre-fitted mast step
  • recessed compass placement area,
  • recessed tow hook area
  • fixed rear skeg,
  • Now comes with vented storage compartments,
  • pre-fitted socket for night lightpole, ( lights and riser pole available ) and
  • discrete hidden steerage cabling in knee area of cockpit (no more irritating cables)
  • SPRAYSKIRT incl in “standard package

Custom upgrade/options are:         

  • Forward deck accessible glove box hatch,
  • comfortable adjustable seat back protector,
  •   upgrade to 8mm deck grab rope,
  • rear deck shock cord storage provision,
  • bodyguard deck protectors under above storage areas
  • cockpit cover,
  • sail, sail bag and cleats,
  • easy clip on/off recessed tow hook,
  • plus other custom modifications.


  • Length:   5820mm
  • Width  :   540 at reat hatch, (520 at front of cockpit)
  • Weight    22kg(bare), plus options/upgrades (standard from 24.5kg to fully equipped at 28 kg)
  • Maximum depth at front hatch 270mm
  • Maximum depth at back hatch 160mm
  • Capacities, over 220 liters, more than most sea kayaks yet decieving looking at it.
  • Front hatch 250mm internal diam.
  • Rear hatch 295 mm internal diam.
  • Deck lines 6mm, 8 mm upgrade option
  • Mast step 22mm
  • Electric bilge pump, Rule 360,
  • Battery, 12v 3.2 Ah(dim. 135l, 65h, 60d, weight 1.38 kg


See Under testimonials for

New very exciting reviews, by Matthew Koerber,  Phil Newman (Sept 23rd, 07) and other excited owners

and a review by former VSKC president Peter Treby .

The Sea Leopard is the most stable Kayak I have ever paddled and this is backed up by instructors, and has a very high volume storage area compared to other kayaks, yet it is decieving as it doesnt appear so when first looking at it, a capacity now of more than 220 ltrs.
If you are looking for expedition kayaks au look no furthur.

  See dimentions and further write up under ” The Original Sea Leopard Seakayak”

See comments below for this video link now.

Hi Bob, You might be interested in putting a link from my recent YouTube video clip featuring Grant Hyland in a Sea Leopard kayak. It shows the seamanship of Grant and the kayak.


Jeff Jennings

5 responses

  1. Hello, the greenlander pro is an entirely different kayak to the sea leopard which is a far superior sea kayak to pretty well anything else out there.
    prices for a standard Sea Leopard wich includes quite a lot is $3880.00,( standard options are listed on the Sea Leopard page.
    I no longer produce the Greenlander.

    October 21, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    • Eduardo

      I would like to get one sea leopard second generation but I live in Puerto Rico, and I don’t know if I can get one of those great kayaks. Please, let me know so we can make a deal.

      March 25, 2011 at 12:50 pm

  2. Don

    What is the cockpit (clear) size and the height of the deck in front of the cockpit. As a large paddler these dimensions are critical to me.

    April 29, 2011 at 7:58 pm

  3. This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

    December 9, 2011 at 2:53 am

  4. Hi Bob,
    You might be interested in putting a link from my recent YouTube video clip featuring Grant Hyland in a Sea Leopard kayak. It shows the seamanship of Grant and the kayak.


    Jeff Jennings

    February 27, 2012 at 6:43 pm

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