Legendry Aussie made Sea Kayaks


Bruny Island Clip

YouTube video clip featuring Grant Hyland in a Sea Leopard kayak. It shows the seamanship of Grant and the kayak. (Jeff Jennings Production)


Sea Kayak Sailing, Tasmania

The two single kayaks were a Sea Leopard, withtwo sails, the other a North sea tourer whith a single sail. Both these kayaks are relatively old models. The Sea Leopard has been redeveloped but is essentially the same while the North sea Tourer has been replaced by a Tasmanian Greenlander kayak and a Canadian built Seaward Chinook. You can see these kayaks on more recent video clips. The North Sea Tourer was 16.5 ft x 22″ the Sea Leopard longer and about the same width. Cost A$3000. (Jeff Jennings production).

The Sea Leopard shows well at intervals:  4.58-5.15 and at 8.15 to the end


Sea Leopard tripple roll

making rolling a kayak look so easy in a legendry sea leopard expedition sea kayak,


Rolling the Sea Leopard made easy?

Another shot of ease of rolling the sea Leopard,very stable sea kayak, sits comfortably when righted


Ease of rolling a sea leopard

An instructor (first few minutes in it)shows just how easy it is to roll a Sea Leopard sea Kayak, manufactured in Geelong Victoria, can find out all about them and the new look modifications by r.inging Bob or using the contact form


Standing up in an Original Sea Leopard

Ok so it an original sea leopard expedition sea kayak, still not a bad test of its stability for an ol fella

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